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CIT, China Innovation Technology Co. LTD is a high tech company based at national level economic development zone. CIT is engaged 
in providing high class healthcare products and services for China market. Under the China strategic plan of fast developing high end 
equipment and manufacturing, CIT carries huge and important social responsibility.CIT Vision is to become a leading provider of health-care solution with unique quality and services and to save more lives.

CIT missions have hour parts:
Innovative Healthcare Technology and Application
High Quality Innovative Healthcare Product & services
National Partnership of Choice
Patient Safety Life Saving

 Our values:
LEADERSHIP:Every member in the company looks for competencies with vision, who leading by doing to inspire innovative, dynamic
and capable to produce more leaders, not followers.
COMMITMENT:Constantly commit to excellence and quality, as individual commitment to group effort. We look for commitment and
result orientation.
CUSTOMER CARE:Putting customers in the center of focus, striving towards customer satisfaction and exceeding customer expec-
tation through high quality of customer care.
INTEGRITY:Practice honesty on individual to do the right thing, to be positive and to be professional.
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY:Social Responsibility—In fulfilling our vision, we continue to contribute to society and our world where we live in.

CIT structure in China:
Headquarter is located in Beijing, our sales channels and sub-tributors cover all key markets in China. Our customer service and technical 
support forces reach all main regions in China.

CIT business areas:
1. Provide high end, worldwide top brand medical devices for China market, main products cover operating theater, medical imaging dev-
ice, ultrasonic system, monitoring system, central supply sterilization system, medical disposables and consumables, medical software
2. Logistics supplier for medical device for foreign brands in China
3. Installation and technology services
4. Customer training and application service
5. Consultant services of market entry into China and SFDA medical device registrations for foreign brands
6. Market survey and research on China healthcare market
7. Consultant for technical services on medical products

CIT Manager’s team:
Company managers and business managers have over 10 years market experience, and also good knowledge on medical device and 
worldwide foreign brands, plus national wide sales partners and sub distributors in China.

CIT customers:
By direct sales and sub-distribution, over 200 AAA high end customers